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With CBV’s Managed VoIP you will never have to hear “it’s not our VoIP problem you’ll need to call your internet provider.” Or “it’s not our problem you’ll have to call your VoIP provider.” We eliminate the finger pointing!

You will never have to waste time calling your ISP ever again

Other Key Benefits

With CBV Managed VoIP our engineers will program your firewall / router with the proper settings for all your applications using QoS rules and priority settings.

What is QoS (Quality of Service)

QOS is a major element to consider in VoIP implementations. The goal is to guarantee the VoIP traffic for a connection that will not be delayed or dropped due to interference from other lower priority traffic.

You will never have to waste time calling your ISP ever again

Things to consider are:

Latency: Packet delivery delay

Jitter: Inconsistent packet delivery

Packet Loss: Dropped packets (pieces of conversation) due to too much traffic in the network

For the VoIP user, any of the issues listed above can be burdensome. Latency can cause bad echo. Jitter causes strange sound effects. Packet Loss causes interruptions and choppy conversations. Combine all three and the VoIP experience is a failure. The good news is that most issues can be prevented with proper planning and design. When these issues are present the proper use of a QoS control device can be effective. CBV uses the Cisco 881SEC-K9 (pictured below) router for QoS management with our Managed Service.

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